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    Why a Buyer Will Say “NO WAY” to Your House

    Every seller wants feedback from their listing agent when their home is shown to a buyer.   Here are 5 things that make a buyer turn around and walk out of a home.

    ODORSImage for Odor

    Cat litter, dog pee, cigarettes and certain foods such as cabbage and fish will leave unpleasant odors in a home.  These odors cling to furniture, carpets and window coverings.  Masking those odors with a strong candle or air spray will only make things worse.  Unfortunately, most homeowners’ olfactory senses are dulled in their own home.  Make sure you ask your agent or neighbors to give your house the sniff test.  Then clean, clean, clean.  Open windows, boil lemons, bake cookies….and your home will smell delightful.



    ANIMAL HEADSImages of taxidermy

    I know that hunters are proud of their catches and like to display them as trophies.  But not many buyers will share that feeling.  Walking through a house with mounted animal heads staring at a buyer can be a turn-around-and-leave moment.  Our best advice is to dismount the critters, get them into storage and paint the walls.



    images of adultEXPLICIT ART

    Ahh, Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  But you want to appeal to the broadest range of buyers, and many folks are unable to look past graphic photos and statues.  Often buyers are shopping with their little ones and do not appreciate adult art.  Your goal is to make your house as vanilla as possible so the buyer can picture themselves living there.


    LOCKED ROOMSimage of locked room

    I know it is tempting to lock your teenagers messy room or your catch-all closet, but the buyer views a locked room as something you are hiding from them.  Remember, that imagination is often much worse than the reality.  Since you are going to move in the near future, get in that room or closet and unload what you don’t intend to move with you.  Clean and organize!  Give that teenager an incentive to keep a tidy room.  This will translate into dollars for you.

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