Probate Sales

    As always, when it comes to Probate related questions or concerns, it is best to speak with an Estate Attorney, Tax Attorney and a Certified CPA with experience in Probate.  When you are selling real property in a Probate situation, it is critical to contact a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (CPRES).   Team Red Brick has a caring professional Certified Probate Specialist on staff who will help prepare the home for sale to get top dollar.

    What to Expect During the Probate Process?

    • The Executor reads the Will and expedites burial instructions
    • Meets members of the family and other interested parties and attorneys, if any
    • The Executor takes immediate measures to protect and safeguard the assets
    • Petitions the Court for probate of the will
    • Appraises the value of personal and real property, and begins SALE process of real property:  This is where our CPRES will be an important contact.
    • Inheritance and Estate taxes are paid, and all claims settled
    • Prepares final accounting and distributes property as directed by court
    • Obtains the final discharge

    At this time, real property can be sold.  Please contact us today if you are an Executor or have a home in the Probate process for an analysis of value.

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